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'Selwood Steam' as many people like to call us has a varied history, covering a number of sites. The most famous in recent years has to be the grounds of Longleat house, and this is the place where most exhibitors and visitors remember us. The club and rally improved and grew, with exhibitors increasing each year, and it was only the death of the previous Marquis of Bath and subsequent increased cost of the land that made us move.

Our next memorable site was the field adjoining the Rode Bird Gardens, which again after a few years became 'home' and exhibitors expected us to stay there forever. This was the venue that will be remembered for some very muddy rallies, but good friendly co-operation. Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and when the Bird Gardens were closed and sold we once again had to move.

We are grateful to the owners of this farm at Southwick, for picking up the gauntlet and allowing us to pitch our tents here. Each year we are never quite sure what problems and mishaps the weather will bring us, but we have faith that the field will see us through. We continue to work with the farmer to ensure that 'Selwood Steam and Vintage Vehicle Preservation Society' will have a long and successful future.

We are always looking for new members who are interested like us, in preserving some of the past, not to glorify it but to allow their children a peek into past lifestyles and to try and explain where their fast cars and 'throw away society' originated.

In 2016 the Club decided to become a Company Limited by Guarantee solely to protect club officials against onerous liabilities.  The Club remains a non profit making organisation with aims on charitable donations but is now a Company No 10532422.

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